The closed loop solution:

Have you ever tried to find out what return on investment you’re getting from your lead source? If so, you know that it can be very difficult because of the limited visibility into what happens after the lead has been generated. Some leads have great potential, but the timing simply isn’t right, or there are additional needs present aside from the ones uncovered initially. These are just a couple of things that make it very difficult to gauge lead value. They are however, two very good examples of why it becomes difficult to know the true value of a lead source.

So what do you do?

Surely, not equipping your team with leads at all  isn’t an option. Everyone needs to eat and good leads put food on the table. You also don’t want to go with just any lead source, no one is happy about sketchy lead sources. Word spreads quickly one way or the other, and just like with most everything else, first impressions are everything. All of this is nothing new to us, we have conversations surrounding these topics on a near daily basis. The difference with Logical is that we not only understand this all to be the case, but with The Closed Loop Solution, we’ve built our entire business model around ensuring you do not run into that issue when you’re proving your team with Logical Leads.

How is this possible?

The way operate isn’t a secret, anyone could if they were determined to do so, it’s just that most companies don’t take the time to track leads from generation through to close. That said, some companies do go to that extent, but even those companies are missing out on a gold mine: following up with people who say “No”. There’s a completely separate blog we have that is specifically about that (How to Go From No to Close) so we won’t get into much detail on that here.  It is worth mentioning though because of the importance of being creative with the follow up portion.

The importance of tracking and follow-up cannot be understated.

Like many companies, we use the platform as our CRM for many reasons, but in this case the ability to track a lead regardless of the state the lead is in is of the utmost importance. This functionality is available to everyone, but not everyone has someone persistently following up to track status and update the stage. Not to mention a whole team of people doing it each and every day to ensure the quality of the data and the subsequent reporting is as accurate as possible.

Let us do the grinding for you.

When we say that we work as an extension of sales teams, this is what we mean. We do the work that the sales rep either doesn’t want to do or simply doesn’t have time to do. With there only being so many hours in a day, things can tend to fall through the cracks. But they shouldn’t fall through and they don’t need to. This is where we come in. We like to say we’re the cost of a mid-level salesperson, but we do 10 times the amount of prospecting and contribute a lot more to ensure you have a healthy sales pipeline. By doing so we allow your sales team the time they need to close more sales for wins and enjoy more successes.

In the end it all comes down to lead quality for any process to have a chance.

We understand that none of this matters unless the lead quality is high enough for reps to feel comfortable not having to prospect on their own. That is why our lead quality is something we take lead generation so seriously. We want your sales team’s eye’s to light up when they see a Logical Lead come across the bow because they know there’s plenty of meat on the bone, but we also want to be sure we continue to be a resource to your team throughout the lead nurture process. Any successful sales rep will tell you that there is an art to properly nurturing and staying of prospects. There’s an old saying that it takes an average of 12 touches before a lead turns into a sale. Each touch is equally as important than the last and every little piece of information obtained from attempt to attempt is vital to stand out from the crowd.

In conclusion…

Anyone can make a sales call, but not everyone takes the time to track their sales calls, log notes, set tasks to follow up on and then actually follow up on those tasks. Especially for sales reps that are out in the field this can be a treacherous process and one that can wear a person down over time, especially when all a sales person really wants to do is drink the coffee for closers. Let Logical Sales Solutions brew the pot and pour the cup, you can enjoy the rest. 

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